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Asian Style Bay Scallop And Mango Ceviche

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Most culinary scholars, myself included, credit Peru with giving us ceviche. Although, there are many, very similar recipes all around the Pacific Rim. In fact, I’ve done a Tuna Poke clip which is really the same thing. Basically what happens with ceviche is the protein in the scallops (or any fish for that matter) is “cooked” with the acid in the marinade. Lemons, limes and other acidic ingredients can be combined in countless ways according to your tastes, but the chemical process is the same. So, yes, you are technically eating “raw” seafood (sushi anyone?) but it’s not really “raw.” The acid causes the proteins in the scallops to become what’s called “denatured.” What is “denatured?” This sounds like a job for Wikipedia! Here is the official Wikipedia definition (which means it could be completely wrong): “Denaturation is the alteration of a protein shape through some form of external stress (for example, by applying heat, acid or alkali), in such a way that it will no longer be able to carry out its cellular function. Denatured proteins can exhibit a wide range of characteristics, from loss of solubility to communal aggregation.” Aren’t you glad I cleared that up? Bottom line; it looks great, it tastes great, you can do a million different combinations, …and you cook stuff without heat! As Rachael Ray would say, “How cool is that?” Enjoy!
For recipe ingredients, please refer to the video.

For recipe directions, please refer to the video.

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120 Minutes
Wow what a great combination of flavors. Mango, scallops and coriander. Perfect light summer appetizer. Makes me want to go to Hawaii for a holiday.

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the video says you can get the ingrediants at the website, but I am at the website and when I push print recipe all I get is the description of prep but not incrediants. I have know idea of correct amounts. Please let me know asap as I want to serve this in 4 days. Thanks
Asian Style Bay Scallop And Mango Ceviche Recipe Video