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Hash Brown Casserole

Hash brown casserole is usually an oven baked dish made with several vegetables, meat, seasonings, and spices, with hash brown potatoes included as the key ingredient. At times, eggs are also used in the preparation of the casserole. There are a number of variations of this casserole, with one of them featuring Chef Paul Deen’s recipe. Both vegan and non vegan variations of the casserole are quite popular. The casserole can be either prepared by combining all the ingredients together and then baking it in oven or can also be made in a layered manner by arranging layers of different ingredients on top of each other and then baking the casserole. Though, the casserole is often baked in oven; however, one of the hash brown casserole recipe variants suggests using Crockpot or slow cooker to cook the dish. The cooking time taken by the casserole when it is baked in Crockpot is usually quite longer than when it is baked in oven.

The key ingredient in the casserole, i.e. hash brown potatoes, simply known as hash browns or hashed browns, refer to cooked potatoes which are prepared by pan frying method after they are diced, cut into extremely thin slices, or shredded.

Preparation Overview of Hash Brown Casseroles

There are numerous recipe variations of hash brown casserole, with each one suggesting the use of distinct ingredients, while retaining the key ingredient, i.e. hash brown potatoes. One of the basic recipes of the casserole suggests the use of butter, sour cream (or yogurt), chicken soup’s cream, hash brown potatoes (frozen), corn flakes or potato chips, and sharp cheese.

The casserole is prepared by stirring together sour cream, diced onions, butter, cheese, and chicken soup’s cream, followed by stirring in hash brown potatoes in the end. The entire content is placed in a casserole saucier, topped with corn flakes or potato chips and baked in oven.

Hash Brown Casserole Recipe Variations

The casserole can be prepared in numerous ways, of which a few popular variations have been discussed hereunder:

  • Mushroom and celery variant- the recipe for this casserole suggests combining together hash brown potato shreds, yellow onions, mushroom soup’s cream, celery soup’s cream, margarine, and cheese, and placing the mix in oven for baking.

  • Onion and bacon based casserole- This casserole is prepared by cooking bacon until crisp and then combining it with sautéed mix of onions, garlic, and potatoes, and a blend of cheese, sour cream, chicken soup, salt, and pepper. The entire material is transferred onto a greased baking dish and baked in oven after topping the casserole with some cheese.

  • Ham based hashed brown casserole- this is a layered casserole which is prepared by arranging layers of hash brown potatoes, a mix of cottage cheese, green onions, cream cheese, basil, and paprika; cooked ham; mozzarella cheese; and hash browns, in a casserole vessel, and then baking it in pre-heated oven.

  • Hamburger hash brown casserole- it is also a layered casserole which is made by arranging layers of hash browns and hamburger mix (sautéed mix of onions, mushrooms, hamburger, salt, and pepper) alternatively in a casserole saucier, and then baking it in pre-heated oven.

  • Egg based variant- This is a breakfast casserole which is prepared a day ahead. The recipe suggests allowing hash browns to stay in hot water for a few minutes, and then combine them with beaten eggs, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, salt, and onions. The material is transferred to a baking dish, and refrigerated overnight after topping it with paprika and bacon. The casserole is placed in an oven the next day in the morning and enjoyed for breakfast.

  • Cheesy variant- the cheesy type of casserole is made by placing hash browns at the bottom of the casserole saucier, topping them with grated cheddar cheese, and pouring over meat mixture (prepared by cooking together browned and drained hamburger, onions, and mushroom soup) in the end.

  • Mustard and bread based casserole- The recipe suggests lining the baking vessel with a mix of cooked hash browns and onions, topping it with bread cubes, and distributing sausage evenly on top of bread cubes. A mix of eggs, milk, nutmeg, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper is then poured over the casserole, followed by adding parmesan cheese, and cheddar cheese. This hash brown casserole recipe has been contributed by Chef Paula Deen.

  • Crockpot Hash Brown Casserole- the recipe for this casserole suggests pouring a mix of mushroom soup, sour cream, salt, pepper, onions, and hash brown potatoes in a buttered Crockpot or slow cooker and cooking it for 2-3 hours.