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Gratin Casserole

Gratin Casserole is an oven baked preparation, which refers to a vegetable or meat based dish topped with bread crumbs browned in butter and/or melted grated cheese. Cooked vegetables or meat mix are tossed in a sauce usually made with flour, milk, butter, and seasonings, and then, baked after sprinkling grated cheese or browned bread crumbs on the top.

Gratin Casserole Recipe Variations

Some of the popular gratin casseroles have been discussed below:

  • Broccoli gratin casserole- broccoli and cheddar cheese sauce are the two key ingredients of this casserole. The cheese sauce used in this dish is made with butter, flour, milk, nutmeg, cayenne, thyme leaves, cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper. The casserole is prepared by folding broccoli in cheese sauce and then, placing the mix in a casserole saucier. A mix of butter, parmesan cheese, and breadcrumbs is prepared and sprinkled over the cheese sauce and broccoli mix. The casserole is baked until top gets brown.

  • Potato and sausage gratin casserole- this a delicious and hearty meal made with potatoes and chicken sausage. Flour, milk, pepper, and salt are stirred in melted butter and cooked until the mix gets thick. Cheese is added to this mix, followed by addition of boiled potatoes, and mix of onions and chicken sausage (browned together). The entire content is then transferred to the baking dish, topped with a mix of melted butter and bread crumbs, and baked until bubbly.

  • Harvest vegetable casserole- this is a flavorful casserole which is prepared by first boiling together diced vegetables like carrots, rutabaga, celery, and potatoes. These vegetables are then combined with a thick sauce made with butter, flour, salt, nutmeg, pepper, milk, and cheese. The entire content is placed in the baking dish, topped with a mix of melted butter and bread crumbs and baked for around half an hour until bubbly and brown.

  • Potato spinach and pine nut French gratin casserole- the recipe for this casserole suggests placing thinly cut potatoes, in a frying pan, and sprinkling sliced scallions and crushed garlic over them, followed by pouring milk and cream. The pan is put on low flame and the mix is cooked until potatoes are tender. Thereafter, spinach is added to the mix along with seasonings, and the entire content is transferred to a baking dish, which is placed in oven after sprinkling pine nuts and grated cheese on the top. Tomato and lettuce salad is a perfect accompaniment to this gratin casserole.