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Cabbage Roll Casserole

Cabbage roll casserole is a dish which combines chopped or shredded cabbage with several other ingredients like meat (beef, chicken, turkey etc), rice, onions, tomatoes, etc. The recipe for this casserole suggests the use of ground meat, which is often browned with onions before combining it with other ingredients. The casserole is dressed with a mix of several ingredients which may vary from one recipe to the other, an example of which suggests combining together water, tomato juice, and salt. It is not necessary to bake the casserole in oven only. Skillet or crock pot can also be used for the preparation of this savory dish.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Cabbage Roll Casseroles

There are a number of ways of preparing cabbage roll casserole, with each variation suggesting the use of different ingredients, while retaining the main ingredient, cabbage. Among several recipe variations, one of them suggests the use of chopped cabbage, ground beef, chopped onions, tomato sauce, white rice, beef broth, and salt.

Tomato sauce, onions, cabbage, salt, and uncooked rice are combined together and mixed with browned meat, before pouring the entire content in a baking dish. The beef broth is poured over the meat mix, and the casserole is covered before baking it in preheated oven for around an hour and baked again for another half an hour after removing the cover.

Cabbage Roll Recipe Variations

Among several recipe variations, a few have been explained below:

  • Lazy cabbage roll casserole- a big greased casserole container is taken and lined with shredded cabbage, followed by placing uncooked rice, half of browned ground beef (beef is browned in oil with onions), again cabbage, and the remaining meat, with a layer of cabbage on the top. A mixture of salt, tomato juice, and water is prepared and poured over the casserole, before placing the dish in oven.

  • Turkey and cabbage roll casserole- onions, turkey, green bell peppers, and celery are cooked in a skillet until brown; sprinkled with a mix of parsley, oats, garlic powder, salt, and pepper; topped with shredded cabbage; coated with a mix of tomato sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar; and cooked on low-flame (covered) for around half an hour.

  • Crock pot cabbage roll casserole- turkey sausage is sautéed with garlic and onions, and the mix is placed in crock pot (slow cooker), combined with crushed tomatoes, cooked rice, and boiled shredded cabbage, and cooked for a few hours. The meat may either be turkey, chicken, or beef.