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Glazed Carrot

Glazed carrots are carrots that are steamed and cooked in a sugary buttery mix. Glazing helps draw out the natural flavors of carrots and helps in intensifying the flavor. They are low in calories and are an excellent source of fiber. Glazed carrots are also rich in vitamin K, vitamin B6 and vitamin C apart from being a good source of copper and iron.

Ingredients Commonly Used and Method Of Preparation of a Glazed Carrot

Glazed carrot recipe is fairly simple with minimal ingredients. All you need are carrots, butter, brown sugar and some salt. You could also use herbs, spices and alcohol. To start with the carrots are cut appropriately with the stem and tail ends chopped off. Ideally the carrot pieces are cut such that they are no thicker than an inch. They are then mixed with melted butter and stirred. Constant stirring is important to prevent the butter from getting scorched. Once the carrots begin to change color they are further soaked in sugary water. The carrots are seared until the water is reduced and all of the syrup is absorbed by the carrots. The carrots get a shiny look and that is why it’s called glazed carrots.

Glazed Carrot Recipe Variations

Carrots can be glazed in various ways. Honey and lemon peels are sometimes used in addition to butter to impart a sugary and sour taste. Some people also like to glaze carrots with red pepper. Carrots can be glazed with chicken too and used as a tasty side dish that has vegetarian and non- vegetarian traits. Instead of using plain water as the base liquid, one can use rum, vodka or any juice. Carrots glazed in apple juice and butter are very popular. Usage of spices is not uncommon. Garlic, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, ginger, mint, tarragon and rosemary all go well with glazed carrots but they work best when added in small quantities.

Glazed Carrot Serving Suggestions

Glazed carrots make for an excellent side dish and go particularly well with fish, chicken or meat. It is a good accompaniment to falafel sandwiches or soy burgers apart from a host of other fried vegetarian dishes. Carrot glazing is all about experimentation and they can be glazed with plenty of juices and herbs.