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Martinique food has become famous throughout the world on account of its unique hybrid cuisine. Known as a tourist hot spot, this Eastern Caribbean Island attracts a huge number of visitors each year and food happens to be one of the main attractions of the region. The French-Creole combination along with significant African and South Asian influences have imparted the local regional cuisine with a flavor and taste that is very different from the rest of the islands in the Caribbean.

Colombo, a special type of curry is one the most sought after dishes of the region prepared with meat or fish in combination with vegetables and spiked with spices belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Tamarind pulp and coconut is used extensively in the local cuisine along with wine, cassava and liquor. Almost all the desserts of Martinique origin contain pineapple and rum along with several locally available ingredients.

Stuffed crabs, smoked fish and conch stews are delicacies which are served with a glass of French wine or the locally brewed rum.

History of Martinique Cuisine

The island of Martinique had been under French possession since 1635. The language, culture as well as the food was influenced by the French as a result. African, East Asian and Indian influences are also seen in the wide range of Martinique food that is prepared in the island. The easily available local fruits and vegetables like the yellow squash, cassava, yams, pineapples, tomatoes and mangoes are utilized extensively while preparing the food. Seafood and a variety of fishes form the main dishes of the island.

Popular Food Items of Martinique Cuisine

  • Coconut Chicken Fricassée Curry- Chicken cooked with curry powder, fresh cream and grated coconut.
  • Stuffed Crabs-Crabmeat mixed together with soft bread crumble along with herbs and spices, stuffed within the shell of a crab.
  • Caramelized Bananas-Local bananas caramelized and mixed with vanilla and a mixture of pineapple and orange juice. This unique Martinique food item is served with a thick rum sauce poured over it.
  • Colombo- regarded as the National Dish of Martinique; it is a tangy, spicy concoction of chicken, pork or beef cooked along with vegetables and coconut milk.
  • Conch Stew- Conch meat cooked over long time on low flame along with onions, peppers and paprika.

Places Famous For Food in Martinique

La Belle Epoque – Serves haute French cuisine and serves beef dishes cooked to order.

La Maison de L'Ilet Oscar- A Creole specialty restaurant, it is famous for its all-fish & all-shrimp menu.

Popular Chefs of Martinique Foods

Chef Guy Ferdinand popularly known as Chef hot pants specializes in serving local Martinique food.