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Jamaican Salad

Jamaican salad is a mélange of Jamaican ingredients that comprise different locally grown ingredients, that also include the items, which were once introduced to the Island by the people of other cultures. Africans, Spanish, Chinese and Indians had largely influenced the Jamaican cooking techniques and introduced various ingredients in Jamaica that are now grown locally.

Tropical fruits, seafood and meats including chicken are some of the most important components of Jamaican salads. The most popular Jamaican seasoning ‘Jerk’ is the highlighted feature of almost all Jamaican salads. Though salads in Jamaica are not prepared in large numbers, some of the highly popular Jamaican salads are Jamaican chicken salad, garden green salad and sweet potato salad.

Jamaican Salad Recipe: Ingredients and Preparation Overview

Amongst the fruits, mango is most often incorporated in the Jamaican salad. Other fruits such as banana, orange and melon are also commonly used.

Red meats are not much popular in the Jamaican cuisine. Therefore beef, pork and mutton are of less importance in Jamaican salads. However, chicken and seafood is commonly used as either boiled or roasted in the salads.

Among the vegetables, potato, spinach and cabbage are widely used as main ingredients in Jamaican salad.

Sweet as well as savory dressings are used to season the salad ingredients. Tangy orange and lemon juice along with marmalade sauce, fruit sauce, pepper, vinegar and herbs are the main components of Jamaican salad dressings. Herbs and spices used in dressings are usually brought fresh from the market and this is the trait of Jamaican cooking.

Popular ‘jerk’ seasoning is the best flavoring used in Jamaican recipes including salads. Freshly ground spices and herbs impart an authentic Jamaican flavor that blends well with vegetables, fruits and greens. Another important trait of Jamaican salads is to use minimal ingredient combinations in order to provide the real flavors of all ingredients. Too much intermingling of components spoils the authentic taste of Jamaican ingredients. Jamaican salads are known to be refreshing and cooling, as, they are mostly served cold or frozen. However, hot salads are also made.


Mostly salads are eaten to easily digest the heavy foods such as red meats, but Jamaican dishes do not include red meats in high quantities. Therefore the importance of salads in Jamaican cuisine is declining.