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Guyanese food is rich in diversity and the cuisine of this place demonstrates the colonial history as well as its own culture. Apart from its unique taste and texture, the Guyanese cuisine lays a lot of stress on presentation of the food. Vegetables and meats prepared in gravy, breads and rice form the staple diet of Guyanese. Mettage and dhol puri are the popular Guyanese food.

Historical And Cultural Influences On Guyanese Cuisine

Due to the location and historical background of Guyana, there are deep impacts on Guyanese cuisine. The culinary styles while making Guyanese food have been adopted from Caribbean, East Indies, Africa and China. Seafood is a prominent feature of these cuisines and many recipes are still relished and are popular in Guyana. Indian cuisine has also influenced the Guyanese food culture. Curry based vegetables, spices and rotis are some of the culinary influences of Indian cuisine. The influences of British can are also visible in Guyanese cuisine through tarts, pastries and bread making in rural areas of Guyana.

Commonly Used Ingredients In Guyanese Recipes

  • Green seasoning- A combination of herbs, onions, hot peppers and garlic is much in use in Guyanese cooking.
  • Spices- Cloves, all spice and cinnamon are used to add flavor to many Guyanese foods.
  • Peas and beans- Black eyed peas, lentils, red and white beans are often used in preparation of Guyanese rice.
  • Tubular root vegetables- Cassava, sweet potatoes, eddoes, dasheen and yams are used throughout the year for many Guyanese food recipes.

Major Everyday Guyanese Recipes

Guyanese usually take three full meals a day. Fresh milk of cow is mostly consumed in breakfast or during evening snacks, Roti and rice is preferred for lunch and dinner. Cassava bread, curry, chowmein and cook up are the major everyday dishes. Mauby is a homemade drink made from the bark of the tree called sorrel. Fresh fish and sea food is a staple diet of people living in rural areas.

Popular Guyanese Food Recipes

  • Cook up rice- It is a one pot rice meal usually consisting of beans or peas. It is sometimes prepared by adding chicken, fish or salted beef tripe. It is one of the staple Guyanese foods.
  • Metemgie- It is a thick rich soup comprising of coconut and dumplings. This Guyanese food is usually eaten with fried fish or chicken.
  • Salara- It is a popular dessert of Guyana. It is also known as red cake.