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Caribbean Salad

Caribbean salad dishes are mostly an interesting fusion of African, British, Spanish, Indian and French ingredients prepared using diverse cooking styles.

Although usage of tropical ingredients like fresh seafood, local vegetables and fresh fruits are a signature style of all Caribbean salad recipes, it is also common to find usage of classic French, German, Spanish and African ingredients that have been incorporated into the local cuisine. The large geographical distribution of the Caribbean region and several trading routes in the region, also resulted in a wide range of cultural influences on local Caribbean salad recipes.

Caribbean Salad Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Fresh fruits, vegetables and sea food are a trademark of Caribbean salad recipes. Other ingredients that are used include black beans, corn, rice, chicken, beef, lobster, crab and shellfish. Minimal dressings are used on the salads.

Serving and Eating Carribean Salad

Most Caribbean salads are served cold or at room temperature.

Popular Caribbean Salad Recipe Variations

  • Fresh fruit salads are very common in the Caribbean. Common fruit combinations include diced apples, mangoes, papaya, sour sop, sea grapes, and goose berries. This salad variety is usually served cold and dressed with a little lime juice, sugar or yoghurt.
  • Ensalada de pulpo is a variety of octopus salad. This salad is Puerto Rican in origin and is served during Christmas time. Black olives, garlic, olive oil, cilantro, red peppers, red onion, sliced octopus and lemon juice are added to the fresh salad.
  • Egg and Onion Salad Recipe or Ensalada de huevos y cebolla is a very simple salad that is commonly prepared in Caribbean islands. This dish has a French - Spanish origin but is very commonly found all over the Carribbean. Boiled eggs are halved and mixed with fresh red onions, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Salsas are a very simple salad that can be found all over the Carribbean region. Fresh tomatoes, onions and chillies are finely diced and served cold in a simple dressing.