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Caribbean Breakfast

Caribbean breakfast is influenced by breakfasts of many cuisines like African, American, and European. Staples like bread, milk and eggs are the main ingredients of this style breakfast. It forms a complete meal having a balance of carbohydrates and proteins.

Popular Breakfast Dishes and Drinks

Beverages – Café con leche is the most commonly served coffee beverage. Cocoa based drinks are also very popular in Caribbean region. Tea is not very popular but may be served if preferred by an individual.

· Healthier beverages like yoghurt smoothies made of yoghurt and fresh fruits can be consumed instead of coffee.

· Coffee is a good stimulant but also leads to caffeine dependency and addiction. It affects the nervous system.

Sausages / Bacon / Ham – Sausages cooked with vegetables can be served. Bacon and ham slices can be used to make healthy filling sandwiches.

· Lean meats should be preferred as they contain high protein and less fat.

· Meats are a very good source of protein. It adds to a healthy start to the day.

Eggs – Eggs are used to make boiled egg, fried egg, poached egg or a basic egg omelet. Egg is served with bacon slices.

· People suffering from cardiovascular diseases and obesity should consume only egg white. Boiled egg whites can be chopped and seasoned.

· Eggs are the best source of complete protein. They also add to other nutrients including choline and luetin which help in brain development.

Breads – White bread loaves are preferred along with butter, jam, marmalades, etc. Scones, muffins, etc. are also served as a part of the meal. Buttermilk scones are also served along with jams.

· Brown bread, multi grain, whole grain bread is preferred over white bread as it is a rich source of fiber and other minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium.

· Jam should be avoided as it adds to unwanted sugar calories to the diet.

Banana fritters – Banana dipped in a sweet egg and flour based batter are fried and served for breakfast.

Cereals – Polenta and couscous preparations are made for breakfast. Ready-to-eat cereals are also consumed along with milk and fruits.