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Barbados food which consists of many exotic dishes and is known to be spicy is cooked according to the style popular across the Caribbean islands and features many unique items that are not available elsewhere in the world.

Apart from the local Caribbean influence on its food, Barbados cuisine upholds a rich influence of the Asian and African cuisines as well as the cuisine of the European mainland. Wok, wood stone and grill are the equipments mostly used to cook food on the island of Barbados.

Fish is one of the favorite foods of the local inhabitants with the spectacular flying fish being a special dish served all through the island. Black pudding along with souse and fish cakes are other dishes that are the specialties of Barbados. The Cou Cou and flying fish dishes have influenced the local music and folklore in a great way and the specialty called "Frying Flying Fish with Cou Cou" is now regarded as the national dish of the island. Peas and rice serve as the staple foods in Barbados and the tourists are often seen enjoying the local dishes instead of opting for the standard Western style meals available in the restaurants located on the island.

Popular Recipes from Barbados Cuisine

  • Pie and Flying Fish- macaroni and cheese dish served with deep fried flying fish which can be substituted with other local fishes like the Blue Marlin or Mahi Mahi.
  • Souse Pudding- A hearty meal in itself comprising pig’s intestines stuffed with boiled pig head and trotters.
  • Conkies- Sweet cakes that are made by steaming a mixture of corn meal, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and coconut, wrapped by a banana leaf. This special Barbados food is usually made on the occasion of the island’s Independence Day in November.
  • Fried Plantains- A dish consisting of crisply fried plantain slices served in a wrap of bacon that is eaten as a hors d’oeuvre.
  • Sweet Potato Candies- Mashed sweet potatoes encrusted in brown sugar served with a topping of pineapple slices and cherries.

Places Famous for Barbados Cuisine

  • Josef’s Restaurant- Situated near a cliff, the restaurant is considered to be one of the top five eateries serving local Barbados food.
  • L'Azure- renowned for the sea food served and winner of two silver spoons for its quality Caribbean cuisine at the “Barbados Hotel and Dining Festival”.
  • Angry Annies- One of the most notable beach front restaurant and bar, it is renowned for serving Bajan style chicken.

Barbados Foods: Trivia

A special seasoning known as Bajan is the mainstay of Barbados food.