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Anguilla food is an interesting blend of dishes from all over the world. The food is quite similar to that of the other Caribbean islands and reveals the influence of French, English and Spanish culinary traditions. The local food that is served by most restaurants is hearty and liable to sustain an individual throughout the day. Light snacks attuned for the international tourist is available in many of the commercial establishments as well.

The staples are mostly imported to Anguilla with the dish of rice and chick peas being the perennial favorite of the islanders. Yams, sweet potatoes and breadfruit are available locally and both flour and cornmeal are used for preparing the famed Johnny cakes of the region.

The Caribbean island depends heavily on fresh seafood when it comes to the main dishes. Red snappers, mahi mahi, crabs, lobsters and conch, all find their way into delectable stews and casserole dishes. Goat is the most popular form of meat on Anguilla and is prepared as curries, stews and jerks, a traditional form of cooking popularized by Jamaica.

Vegetables do not grow well on the island which is infertile and sandy with the exception of squash, pumpkins and peppers along with the African callalloo greens.

Popular Dishes from Anguilla Cuisine

  • Pigeon Peas & Rice- Considered to be the National dish of the island, it consists of boiled chickpeas served on a bed of rice seasoned with thyme and topped with salt beef strips.
  • Conch Salad- Cubed conch meat served with ripe red tomato wedges and a dash of lime juice.
  • Johnny Cakes- Baked round breads prepared by using a mixture of cornmeal and flour.

Places Famous for Serving Anguilla Food

Palm Grove- Located on the beach front, the restaurant excels at serving local dishes prepared with fresh seafood.