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Cannoli are the pastry desserts from Sicily. A single tube is called Cannolo, whereas two or more of them are called cannoli. Cannoli vary in their size, from the finger-sized cannulicchi to the fist sized cannoli.


Sicilian cannoli probably dates back to the time of Arab domination.

Ingredients and Preparation

Cannoli are tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough that is made from flour, butter, sugar, kneaded with either wine, Marsala liqueur, brandy, etc. These tubes are then filled with ricotta cheese, sweetened Mascarpone, candied fruits, icing sugar, chocolate, pistachios or almonds, and flavored with cocoa, coffee, orange essence, rosewater, almond oil, etc according to ones tastes. At times, the whole cannoli may be found dipped in chocolate.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 1 piece (100 g)

Approximate Values per serving (Calories - 250 cal, Fat – 5 g, Carbohydrates – 44 g, Protein – 8 g, Sugars – 30 g, Saturated fat – 3 g, Cholesterol – 20 mg, Sodium – 65 mg, Dietary fiber – 1 g)

Nutritionally Good points about Cannoli-

1. They are Low in calories,

2. They are Low in cholesterol, and

3. They are Low in sodium also.

Cannoli are good for -

1. People who have sedentary life style and very less body activity.

2. Weight watchers as they are having low calories.

Who should avoid cannoli –?

The only bad thing associated with Cannoli is that they are high in sugars so the diabetic people should avoid cannoli.