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Circus Peanut

Circus Peanut is a marshmallow candy in a shape of a big peanut. They have even been termed as one of the strangest and mysterious candies of the world as they are unusually Orange, banana flavoured with the looks of a peanut. Originally they were orange – flavoured but was eventually stopped due to lack of availability of packaging for preserving the candy.

Circus Peanuts were first invented in the 18th century and were easily available in the five and dime stores. No one really knows the history of how they were invented but they are being produced by a lot of candy companies over the years because of their popularity. They were earlier called as a seasonal candy but eventually became available all year round. Owing to the popularity, General mills started a cereal with dried circus peanuts in 1964 under the name ‘Lucky Charms’.

Circus candy is usually made up of sugar, gelatine, corn syrup, artificial color and flavor. The proportion of the ingredients is very important for getting the texture right.

Circus Peanuts are generally eaten as it is but can also be used as an ingredient to make many recipes like Circus peanut gelatine, Circus peanut salad, Circus peanut Jell-O, Etc. They can be added to breakfast cereals, ice creams, various desserts, as toppings or however you wish. Over the years many flavour variations like White Vanilla, Lemon yellow and Pink cherry have been offered by manufacturers.

Circus Peanuts have about 90% sugars which are empty calories. Each serve of about 4 pieces has nearly 140 calories, No Fat, No cholesterol and about 10 mg sodium. It is not a healthy choice for dieters, obese and people suffering from diabetes. Yet, no sugarfree variant is available but can be made. They are majorly consumed by children and liked by all.

The leading commercial producers are Spangler Candy Company, Brach’s, Melster Candies and Farley & Sathers. They are generally not sold under any brand name but ‘Circus Peanuts’ itself and hence you never see a TM on any pack. Melster candies makes more than Brach’s and Spangler put together but sells bulk to retailers and grocery shops. Brach’s and Spangler sell branded candies.

Some Interesting facts about Circus Peanuts –

  • Each Circus Peanut weights about 9.1 g and has nearly 35 calories.
  • Circus peanuts offer only empty calories and no nutrition
  • No one really knows the history behind the name and how it was evolved.