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Brandied Tutti Frutti

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  Peaches 1 Pound
  Plums 1 Pound
  Pears 1 Pound
  Nectarines 1 Pound
  Grapes 3 Pound ((1 pound each green, red and blue))
  Sugar 7 Pound

1. Wash perfect, firm-ripe fruit. Rub the fuzz off the peaches with a clean cloth. With a fork, prick all over thetpeaches, plums, pears and nectarines. Do not prick or seed the grapes.
2. In a stone crock of at least eight quarts capacity, pack the fruits in layers with the sugar. Cover with the lid of the crock or waxed paper and let stand in a cool place until syrup forms. Stir up the sugar in the bottom of the container every three days.
3. After a week, when the fruit floats in the syrup, press down with a plate and a non-metal weight and cover with waxed paper. Stir occasionally from the bottom until the sugar is dissolved.
4. Let the fruit stand until fermentation is complete, a month or so. Pack in sterile jars, seal and store in a cool place.

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Brandied Tutti Frutti Recipe