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Winnipeg food is dominated by seafood. The majority of the population is European in descent with a part of the population a mix of local aboriginals and Indians. However, over the last few years, immigrants from all over the world have populated the city resulting in a healthy mix of cuisines from all over the world.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Winnipeg Cuisine

Winnipeg food is dominated by sea food due to its proximity to two rivers. The city also enjoys the most sunlight of any other city in Canada but winter temperature tends to dip very low. As a result, fresh vegetables and fruits can be sourced quite easily. Popular fish dishes include Winnipeg Goldeye that is a popular smoked fish that is retailed at most grocery stores and fish markets. Another fish product is pickerel filets and cheeks that are prepared and sold locally. Winnipeg style local rye bread is also very popular. There is a booming local dairy industry and local Winnipeg cream cheese, flavored cheese and gourmet varieties are very popular. Local produce is plentiful and a wide variety of meat, fish and chicken dishes are cooked all year though.

Popular Recipes from Winnipeg Cuisine

  • Manitoba Pickerel is prepared grilled or cooked lightly with a crusty almond crust and topped with crème fraiche.
  • Grilled bison is also very popular with the locals and is served with locally made grainy mustard rub and onion rings.
  • Pork tenderloins are a must have of the city as it is locally fed and grown meat.
  • Southern style banana cream pudding is also a very popular Winnipeg food.

Places Famous for Winnipeg Cuisine Foods

Winnipeg is famous for a few special foods and drinks that are sold all over the US, such as -

  • Kubasa or Kielbasa is a ready-to-eat sausage that is prepared in several households all over Winnipeg Old Country.
  • Beer brewed at the local Half Pints Brewery is another popular local product.
  • Mennonite farmer’s sausage is also very famous as it is prepared locally at Winkler’s Meats.
  • Russian Mints prepared at Morden Chocolates are a popular treat for locals as well as tourists. Other specialties include toasted coconut marshmallows and chocolate-covered jujubes that are popular too.
  • The John Russell Honey Company also produces local sourced honey that is delicious. The honey is exceptionally good as its flavored with the scents of local wildflowers.

Winnipeg food is quite simple in nature but locals prepare a large variety of food according to their customs and their descent.