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Susur Lee

Susur Lee is a renowned Celebrity chef. Though he hails from Hong Kong, but now he is based in Toronto Canada. His culinary apprenticeship was started in Hong Kong in a famous hotel called ‘Peninsula Hotel’.

With a large number of restaurants and hotels to his credit and many cookery shows and culinary books, Lee has contributed largely to the cookery world. His most of the hotels are internationally acclaimed and caters to the needs of the guests with impeccable services and gourmet Susur Lee recipes.

Most of the Susur Lee recipes reflect the east-meets-west approach. Lee usually, blends the Chinese ingredients and cooking styles with Western components and this quality made him the faster rising culinary-star in Canada.

Professional and Personal Life of Susur Lee

Born in 1958, Susur Lee is the youngest of his six siblings. Being a native of Hong Kong, the Chinese cooking styles are inherited to this famous chef. His journey towards becoming an Executive chef began in 1978 when he left Hong Kong and migrated to Canada.

Susur Lee was the second chef from Canada to be starred on the famous cookery show ‘Iron Chef’. His competition with Bobby Flay was marvelous as it resulted into a tie. Many other TV shows are also under his credit.

Susur Lee is one of the most successful chefs who own a large number of restaurants. Presently, he is owner of two restaurants in Canada. The eclectic ambiance and the fusion cuisine including signature Susur Lee recipes are the highlights of his restaurants.

In 2000, he opened his restaurant ‘Susur’ with the assistance of his wife. The specialty of the restaurant is the ‘tasting menu’ instead of a traditional menu. The tasting menu is created with the special ingredients that Lee find in the marketplace in the morning each day. Special Susur Lee recipes are included in this tailor made menu.

He is not only the owner of the restaurants, but also worked as a consultant chef in many internationally acclaimed restaurants and hotels. His huge TV appearances also made him a star in the culinary world.

Notable Achievements of Susur Lee

There is a big list of achievements done by Susur Lee. His exceptional cooking style and blend of cuisines is highly acclaimed. Some of his noteworthy achievements are as follows:

  • Lee gained the recongnition for his restaurant ‘Susur’ from Gourmet, Restaurant (UK) and Food and Wine.

  • His restaurant ‘Susur’ is listed among the world’s best 50 restaurants.

  • Susur Lee also participated in many international TV cookery shows including Top-chef (finalist), Iron chef (Second Canadian chef) and East meets West (guest chef). In all these TV shows; Susur Lee impressed the audiences and even the judges through his extraordinary cooking styles. His recipes are then famous as Susur Lee recipes among various magazines and cook books.

  • With Jacob Richler, Lee written a cookery book named ‘Susur-A Culinary Life’. The cook book has gained high reviews and Susur Lee recipes became globally popular.

Susur Lee Recipes Trivia

Susur Lee recipes are quite popular in Canada that even bookings are made in advance to secure a table in restaurants of Susur lee.