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Saskatoon Food culture from the central region of the Saskatchewan state is rich with local and seasonal produce. The cuisine of the flat lying region with the Saskatchewan River running in between is inclusive with vast influences of French cuisine. The city of Saskatoon is also famous for its food events and farm movements. Popular recipes include velvety lentil soup, rabbit with potatoes parisiennes, trout in a creamy egg sauce and rabbit with potatoes parisiennes.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Saskatoon Cuisine

Ingredients used in Saskatoon cooking include cherries, morels and lingonberries. The region has a strong farm movement with many associations and cooperative movements of farm owners to streamline the produce to reach the end user in an effective way. Saskatoon Food preparations make use of meats of bison, lamb, rabbit and cow commonly while lobster, prawns and fish sourced from river basin of Saskatchewan are popular seafoods. Above all the purple colored saskatoon berry is the famous fruit that grows in the coastal areas of the region.

Traditional Saskatoon Recipes

Morel and Fiddlehead Orzotto is an exotic dish of the region is made using fresh morels and fiddle heads served with pearl barley.

Tomato Mint Salad is a combination of quartered tomatoes, pita bread and onions with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Fish and potato cakes is an appetizing Saskatoon Food specialty made by deep frying marinated patties made of a mixture of mashed cooked potato, cooked flaky fish and onions coated with egg, flour and bread crumbs.

Trout baked on a bed of carrots and celery is an exotic dish made using locally grown carrots and celery as well as trouts found in the Saskatchen river.

Nice salad is made by tossing a mixture of boiled potatoes, green peppers, sliced onions, basil, tomatoes, hardboiled eggs and cooked flaky trout with a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper.

Famous Places of Saskatoon Cuisine

Boffins club is a social food joint that caters Saskatoon Food delicacies, exotic lunches and gourmet dinners.

Garden Court Café located at Delta Bessborough (Saskatoon Hotel) serves specialties from Saskatoon cooking.

New Ground Café located in Birch Hills is known for serving comfort food prepared using almost completely local supplies.

Cote d’Azur restaurant is known for culinary delights from local cuisine which is popular amongst tourists.

Popular Chefs of Saskatoon Cuisine

Chef Rémi Cousyn at Calories Restaurant, Broadway Avenue, Chefs Lee Helman and Jean-Francois Dionne of the Truffles Bistro and Chef Simon Reynolds of Simon’s restaurant are some of the region’s popular chefs expert in preparing Saskatoon Food.