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Halifax food is the food that is commonly cooked in the city of Halifax. Halifax is located in Nova Scotia, Canada and is located on the sea with a prominent sea port.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Halifax Cuisine

Halifax food has been influenced tremendously by the turbulent history of the city. Since 1710, the city has been invaded and occupied by the British, local American Indians, the French, Germans, Dutch, residents of Martinique etc. this resulted in a vigorous trade and influx of immigrants from all over the world and a huge boom in the local cooking styles. Due to its prime location on the sea, it was considered to be a very important trading center for the local citizens. This eventually led to fierce wars for the ownership of the city and the harbor. As a result, the city underwent several conquests and invasions resulting in a huge influence on the local customs and food preparations.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Halifax Cuisine

Halifax food prominently uses local food in its cooking styles. Seafood is a very integral part of the cooking process too. Although there is no specific Halifax cooking style, lobsters almost always cooked during the season. Apart from lobsters, mussels, oysters, and seafood chowder is very commonly prepared.

Popular Recipes

Lobsters are always cooked during the lobster season with local diners offering cheap and affordable versions of the local dish. Churches and community groups offer discounted lobster dinners during the warmer months that are served along with seafood chowders and fish and chip dishes.

Places Famous for Halifax Cuisine

Local restaurants that offer cheap Halifax food are some of the most popular dining areas in Halifax. For example, a few of the most popular restaurants include the following-

· The Ardmore Tea Room is very famous and an area landmark since 1956. Popular items on their menu include dishes like the Newfoundland Steak, Lobster dinners and cod fish cakes with baked beans for breakfast

· Bud the Spud prepares fish and chip meals with malt vinegar as an accompaniment.

· Shiraz served genuine Iranian foods at affordable prices.

· Doraku Sushi has the best and most authentic sushi, miso, and maki rolls.