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Canadian Breakfast

Canadian breakfast has influences from the American breakfast as well as British breakfast. It has regular foods like cereals, bread, eggs, bacon, etc. It is a heavier and fuller meal as compared to continental breakfast. It contain gourmet sweet and baked good which are generally not considered healthy. A native dish called poutine is also a part of the meal.

Popular Canadian Breakfast Dishes and Drinks

Hot beverages – Coffee is the most popular hot beverage consumed in Canada. Some people also consume tea. Children prefer hot chocolate.

· Beverages like black tea and coffee cause gastrointestinal damage. They also make a person addicted to them as they stimulate the human brain.

· People suffering from obesity and weight problems should consume these beverages without sugar as sugars add to empty calories.

· People suffering from lactose intolerance should not consume milk and replace it with soy milk.

· Green tea and other herbal infusions are better alternatives to tea and coffee as they provide good amount of antioxidants which delay ageing and protect vital organs from damage.

Breakfast cereals – Ready to eat breakfast cereals are very commonly consumed by Canadians as they are easily available. They include cornflakes, oatmeals, rice crispies, weetabix, etc. Many companies like Kellogg’s, Apple Jacks, Cheerios manufacture breakfast cereals which are flavored. They are generally consumed with milk. Sugar is not needed as they already contain high amount of sugar. Freshly cut fruits can be sliced and added to the cereal bowl.

· The nutritive value of the cereal can be enhanced by adding dried fruits and nuts.

· Sugar free variants should be preferred as it will reduce the calorific intake. Sweeteners like stevia, sucralose or splenda can be added.

· High fiber breakfast cereals should be preferred as they aid weight management and are beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Baked and sweet goods – Baked and sweet goods like doughnuts, bagels, muffins and waffles are also preferred. Sugar and cinnamon frosted doughnut is the most preferred flavor. Blueberry, cranberry or almond muffins are consumed. Waffles are served with syrups and various toppings including fresh fruits and whipped cream.

· Such foods should be avoided for breakfast as they are very high in calories, fat and sugar. They are not very easily digestible.

· Oatmeal muffins should be eaten instead of refined flour muffins.

Pancakes – Pancakes form a traditional breakfast dish.They are often served with maple syrup.

· They are very high in calories and fat. Low fat and low sugar pancakes should be made by avoiding the use of sugar in the batter.

Eggs / Bacon / Sausages – Eggs form an integral part of a Canadian breakfast. They are served as fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs or boiled eggs. Eggs are often served with bacon slices. Bacon and sausages are also used to make sandwiches.

· Eggs are very healthy as they provide good quality protein. Along with protein, they are also a good source of other 13 vital nutrients.

· Bacon and sausages made of lean meats are a good source of protein.

Poutine – Poutine is a traditional French Canadian dish made of fried potatoes. It is either served with brown gravy or cheese.

Breads / Toasts – Breads and toasts are served with butter, jams or marmalades.

· White bread should be consumed minimally and whole grain breads should be consumed.

· Marmalades and jams contain high amount of sugars and should be avoided.