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Alberta food, like its parent Canadian cuisine, is very varied and cosmopolitan in nature. With its diverse population the region has a truly varied cuisine with plenty of influences from the European, North American and Asian communities. French and British settlers influenced the food here the most.

Food Customs of Alberta
People of Alberta have 3 meals a day. Breakfast usually consists of pastries, fruit juices, hot beverages and cereals. For lunch, many carry cheese sandwich, pretzels or ham and a fruit. Popular desserts include maple sundae and Maple Syrup Upside-Down Cake.

Alberta Cuisine – Popular Dishes
A few of the popular varieties of Alberta food are listed below.

  • Butter Tarts : Cup-shaped stuffed pastry shells considered one of Alberta’s quintessential desserts.
  • Canadian bacon: It is a pork dish. Its named bacon although by its texture, flavor and appearance its closer to ham. The meat is juicy, lean and mildly sweet. Unlike the usual bacons the Canadian bacon does not get crispy while cooked rather the meat is best served in a soft juicy state. The dish is called black bacon in other countries.
  • Candian Game : Includes caribou, beaver, duck, deer, elk, duck, partridge, moose and quail meat. Ranges from the unusual beaver tail to the familiar venison steak.
  • Fish and Brewis : Conventional Alberta food consisting of hardbread and codfish or salt fish. Salt fish is soaked in water to bring down the salt content. The hard bread is also soaked in water. Both the hard bread and salt fish are separately boiked and sautéed until they are tender and served together.

Top Restaurants featuring Traditional Alberta Foods

  • Edmonton Harvest Room : The restaurant is located in Fairmont McDonald hotel and features traditional Canadian food .
  • Edmonton River Queen : Favorite tourist spot. The restaurant is actually a dinner cruise on the North Saskatchewan River.
  • Jasper - Beckers Gourmet Restaurant : Cabin style restaurant with plenty of tall wooden windows opening to wonderful scenery. Perfect for a romantic dinner with views of the Athabasca river and the Mount Kerkeslin. The restaurant is located on Icefields Parkway, 4kms south of Jasper and features traditional Alberta food.