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Turtle Cake

Turtle cake is a cake made to resemble the shape of a turtle. It consists of any sponge cake as the base decorated with toppings including icing, cherries, chocolate, nuts, etc. The cake can be of any natural color resembling a turtle or otherwise as desired. Turtle cake can be made to celebrate occasions such as birthday, kittie parties, etc. Commonly it is popular among children owing to its attractive appearance. Popular turtle cake recipe variations include – Birthday Turtle cake, Shortcut Turtle Cake, Chocolate Turtle Cake, turtle wedding cake, Rocky Road Turtle cake, Turtle Cake II and Praline Turtle Cake.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Turtle cake

There are many variations in the Turtle cake recipe to make the cake. The common ingredients to make a turtle cake are - any cake mix, water, oil or fat, milk, caramels and pecans. For the frosting butter, cocoa, milk, frosting, icing sugar and essences such as vanilla can be used. The dish can be made using readymade sponge cakes either. If making from the scratch, then the cake needs to be made first followed by assembling, trimming and shaping it to resemble a turtle. Thereafter the decoration happens with layering of desired frostings with the desired colors and ingredients such as cherries, tootie frootie, etc.
If using readymade cakes then they must be round sponge cakes of vanilla or chocolate flavor. In an alternate recipe, the cake can be baked over layers baking one cake first, laying batter over it and baking again. Readymade chocolates and wafers can also be used to decorate the cake.

Serving and Eating Turtle cake

Turtle cake turns well when refrigerated. It is even better when served plainly with the topping of whipped cream.

Popular Turtle cake Variations

Turtle cake I is a turtle cake recipe that mentions using German cake mix as the base with frostings of chocolate chips, caramels and pecans.
Rocky Road turtle cake is made using the regular turtle cake recipe with a twist containing marshmallows and walnuts.
Praline turtle cake is made using vanilla extract, unsweetened chocolate, fudge toppings and chopped pecans.
Chocolate turtle cake is a very delicious cake made using chocolate cake mix, semi-sweet chocolate chips and chopped pecans.
A wedding turtle cake is a typical designer wedding cake with flavorful toppings and delicate ingredients meticulously used.
Banana chocolate turtle cake is yet another turtle cake recipe that incorporates bananas along with chocolates.