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Tipsy Cake

Tipsy Cake is a ‘Sponge cake’ or a ‘Victorian Sandwich Cake’, which belongs to the British category of cakes, cream, and alcohol puddings known as the ‘Trifle’. The Tipsy cake recipe is believed to have originated in the late 18th century in the Britain though it evolved and made its way to the United States. The cake was also named as ‘Brandy Trifle’ in 1855 by Eliza Acton. The name ‘Tipsy’ has been added to the cake, with regard to the diner who consumes a larger portion of the Tipsy Cake. The Tipsy cake is one of the few trifles that has evolved with time and gained popularity worldwide.

Origin of the Tipsy Cake

The Tipsy Cake is believed to have originated in the late 18th century in the United States, and is similar to the English Trifle. The first reference of the Tipsy Cake was made in 1806 by writer Mary Russell Mitford. The cake has evolved from time to time and in 1932, Florence White made alterations to the traditional Tipsy Cake recipe by combining the Hedgehog cake and the Tipsy to make ‘Hedgehog Tipsy Cake’.

Ingredients and Popular method of preparing Tipsy Cake

The Tipsy Cake recipe consists of sponge cake, sweet sherry or dessert wine, almonds, custard, and cream. The traditional recipe states the sponge cake needs to be soaked in sherry. The sponge cake absorbs a good amount of the sherry. Almonds are cut in whole long lengths and placed on the cake. The cake is baked in the oven for nearly twenty minutes. Custard is poured on the dish and the cake is set for cooling. Cream is added on top just before serving the cake.

Serving the Tipsy Cake

The Tipsy Cake is often served cold and it’s a popular dessert served on the St. Patrick Day. The dessert is also served at a Ball along with supper. It is usually served with Irish coffee.

Popular variation to Tipsy Cake

The Tipsy Cake is a dessert, which is an evolved copy of the old English Trifle and the cake itself has evolved from time to time. Few English variations to the dessert include -Tipsy Pudding, Tipsy Squire, and Tipsy Hedgehog. The American evolutions to the Tipsy Cake recipe are -Tipsy Parson and Tipsy Squire. One of the major differences of these above mentioned cakes from the Old English Trifle is that these cakes are made from dried cakes, whereas Trifle has Fresh cakes.

Other than the old English Trifle, the Tipsy Cake can be said as a variant of the Italian ‘Zuppa Ingles’ and Spanish dessert called ‘Bizcocho borrecho a la crema’.

Health and Nutrition facts of Tipsy Cake

  • A normal Tipsy Cake contains nearly 340 Calories in total and has high fat and carbohydrate like 48% and 17% respectively.

Various facts about the Tipsy Cake

  • Nowadays the alcohol used in the cake is mostly white wine, or a mixture of wine and brandy.