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Sultana Cake

Sultana cake is a moist type of cake prepared specially during New Year. This cake might look like any ordinary cake prepared, but the sultanas used in the batter makes all the difference. Sultanas are basically a dry form of grapes that are moist and specially used for making cakes. Mostly popular in Scotland, this cake is made with white seedless raisins. The biggest question that arises in several minds is how to make sultana cake at home. However, this has been made simple with the number of sultana cake recipes available these days. Many other fruits like cherries, strawberries, and apples along with raisins can be mixed in the cake’s batter to make varieties of newly flavored cakes. Sweet potato along with custard gives the sultana cake a salty flavor. Freezing the cake overnight just makes the taste even better. A sultana cake can be stored in a good plastic wrapper up to a period of one month from the day it is prepared.