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St Honoré Cake

St Honoré Cake is a rich and complicated dessert cake made of pastry, whipped cream and rum as the main ingredients. It is named after Saint Honoré, who was a French patron saint of pastry chefs as well as bakers. It is today a specialty offered by various bakeries in Italy and France. The cake is marked by a difficult and lengthy preparation method, which takes a skillful pastry chef to accomplish. Due to this reason the cake is showcased by bakeries preparing them as a mark of their expertise and reputation.

Ingredients Used and St Honoré Cake Recipe Overview

The main ingredients used for preparing the cake include flour based dough, bavarian cream, flavoring agents like rum and vanilla, whipped cream for filling and cake decoration, as well as other decorative ingredients like glazed cherries.

The cake's base is made of a special dough consisting of flour, butter, ice water and salt, called pate brisee. The base has a filling of Bavarian cream or pastry cream. Cornstarch or gelatin may be used as thickeners, and rum is used to flavor the base. Sometimes Marsala wine may also be used along with the rum, or on its own, which is more often used in Italian variants. St Honoré Cake is relatively high on liquor content. The cream filling is topped with choux pastry, which is made of a lighter dough. The cake's top is decorated with cherries and whipped cream. The cake is then, surrounded by cream puffs, which contain whipped cream or custard filling that have been dipped in caramel. The filling may also be flavored with vanilla or rum.

Serving and Eating St Honoré Cakes

The cakes are served on special occasions as sophisticated desserts. They are best ordered from a reputed pastry shop as preparing the cake at home may be an extremely time consuming process.

Popular St Honoré Cake Recipe Variations

The cake may show variations across bakeries, often based on the choice of flavoring agents used in the cream fillings as well as liquors like rum or wine. Other variations in St Honoré Cake exist in terms of decorations and additional ingredients.