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Sheet Cake

A sheet cake is a large single-layer cake baked in a rectangular sheet or a pan. The sheet cake is ideally baked for parties which require large number of servings of the dessert. The inexpensive bake, a popular option for birthday parties and celebrations where the minimum number of guests to savor the delicacy is not less than a dozen, is attractively decorated with a number of frostings on the flat top surface. Chocolate and vanilla frostings are commonly used on the cake. Nuts, chocolate chips, or flaky coconut garnishings are also used at times. The sheet cake is iced with messages for the special occasion for which it is made. Standard Sizes of the Sheet Cake The sheet cake is generally baked in three standard sizes: • Quarter Sheet Cake- This is a small single layered cake meant for serving not more than 12 people. It is ideal for home parties. • Half Sheet Cake – This is double the size of the quarter cake and is meant to yield ideally around 30-50 servings. This is ideal for mini office gatherings and is generally baked by commercial bakers. • Full Sheet Cake- It is a very large cake which ideally yields 60 to 100 servings. It is meant for large formal office parties. Baking a Sheet Cake A Sheet Cake does not differ from other cakes in composition. The difference lies in the container in which it is baked. Unlike round or layer cakes, it is baked on a rectangular sheet, or in a jelly roll pan in a single layer. Special handling techniques are used to dislodge the cake from the baking receptacle once the cake is fully baked and ready for packing. Sheet cake baking is usually handed over to commercial or supermarket bakers as it is difficult to handle the process perfectly at home. Sheet Cake Recipes using fruits, nuts, vegetables, Graham crackers etc. are well liked by many.