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Rice Cake

Rice cakes are made from different varieties of rice in various shapes depending upon the cuisine they come from. Most rice cakes are steamed and eaten as an accompaniment or snack. Rice cakes are commonly made in South East Asian countries like Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and Philippines. Popular Rice Cakes Varieties Japanese Cuisine – One variety of Japanese rice cake is Mochi, which is made from cooked glutinous rice which is pounded into a paste and then pressed into blocks. Mochis are made during a traditional Mochi making ceremony and also during the Japanese New Year. Indian Cuisine – Idlis are popular rice cakes from South India. They are steamed and eaten for breakfast or as a a snack along with a lentil stew and spicy coconut chutney. Idli itself has many variations to it like stuffed or fried or made with one or more varieties of rice. Chinese Cuisine – Nian Gao is a popular Chinese New Year rice cake which is made from glutinous rice. Nian Gao is made in different ways in certain regions of China. A Shanghai style Nian Gao is white colored and cylindrical in shape while the Cantonese version is steamed in a cake tin and is dark brown in color. Filipino Cuisine – Puto is a steamed variety of Filipino rice cakes which is eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. It is made from different varieties of rice and at times cooked using any method other than steaming.