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Mung Bean Cake

Mung Bean Cake is a sweet or savory cake made from skinned mung beans. The dish can be made in the form of cakes or dumplings that are filled with sweet, salty or savory fillings.


Mung Bean Cakes are quite popular in several cultures as the beans have been around for several years. The bean is highly nutritious and easy to cultivate resulting in several cultures all over the world, using the bean frequently in steamed, deep fried and baked variations.

Mung Bean Cake Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Traditionally, the mung beans are soaked overnight and allowed to soften. These beans are then pureed into a thick paste and mixed with sugar, vegetable oil, lard, coconut, cardamom, etc. Bread, wheat flour, rice flour, coconut milk may be added along with other flavoring ingredients like saffron, pandanus leaves, brown sugar, vanilla extract etc. The thick dough is them molded into flat, round or disc shaped cakes. Savory versions include a stuffing of spiced beans or salt and spices mixed together. The appearance and taste of the cake varies according to the region and culture that prepares the cakes.

Serving and Eating

Sweet Mung bean cakes are generally served as a dessert as they contain sweet durian based fillings, or cheese and chocolate fillings. In Vietnam and China, the dish is served as a snack or a dessert depending on the filling.

Popular Mung Cake Variations

  1. Bánh đậu xanh is a Vietnamese version that is prepared with mung bean paste, pandanus leaf, sugar and vanilla.
  2. Bakpia Kumbu Kacang Hijau is a version produced in Central Java. It is also referred to as Bakpia.
  3. Mung Bean Custard Cake is a liquidy Thai version of the same cake that is moist, but is baked to match the texture of the cake. It is commonly referred as Kanum Ma Kang Cake
  4. In China, several commercial varieties are sold under brands names.

Health and Nutrition Facts

A single serving of Mung Bean Cake will have 96.89 calories. The protein content of the dish is 0.62g, the fat content is 0.07g, and the sodium content is 58.74g.