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Macadamia Cake

A Macadamia Cake is a baked dessert that has added Macadamia nuts in it.

History of Macadamia Nut Cake

Traditionally, nut cakes have been prepared from a large variety of nuts. Macadamia nuts have a very nutty flavor that goes very well with chocolate and fruits. As a result, it is very common to find these nuts baked into cakes, cookies, granola bars, and even sold as simple chocolate coated nuts. Originally the nut was indigenous to Australia, but it gradually began to be exported to Hawaii which also started producing the nuts actively. Two Hawaiian bakers are credited with making the very first versions of the macadamia cake. There are several Hawaiian versions of the macadamia nut cake and these cakes are very popular in the island for weddings and birthdays.

Macadamia Cake Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Macadamia cake contains roasted macadamia nuts, which are broken into halves before being added to the flour. The flour is then mixed with eggs, sugar, butter and other flavoring ingredients to produce the cake. Most recipes include tropical fruits like pineapple or bananas in the mix along with chocolate, as the nut goes particularly well with these flavors.

Serving and Eating Macadamia Cakes

Macadamia Cake is usually served as a dessert with ice cream.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Macadamia Cake Recipe

This cake may contain chopped nuts or ground macadamia nut flour or both. These nuts are high in fat and protein. They have a large amount of good monounsaturated fats as compared to any other nut. These nuts are also very nutritious as they contain large amounts of calcium, phosphorous, sodium, iron and thiamine. The butter, sugar, carbohydrate and fat content of the cake on the other hand, add further to the nutritional value.

Macadamia Cakes: Trivia

The Kona Kakes Cake Bakery in Hawaii is most famous for its repertoire of Macadamia cakes. Almost all their cakes have macadamia nuts in them and they are blended with fresh tropical fruits and caramel to create distinctive tastes and flavors.