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Devil's Food Cake

Devil's Food Cake refers to an airy and moist chocolate layered cake which is paired along with rich chocolate icing. The cake came into limelight in the 20th century in United States, the recipe of which was printed in the year 1905.

It is very difficult to make a clear distinction between a simple chocolate cake and devil’s cake; however, the main distinction between the two lies in terms of the flavors used. Cocoa and coffee are used as the main ingredients as against the regularly used chocolate in simple chocolate cakes. The addition of cocoa and coffee, and lack of chocolate is particularly what differentiates devil’s cake from chocolate cake. However, a few recipe variations of the devil’s cake make use of chocolate along with cocoa and coffee, so as to make it a richer chocolate flavored cake. It is the rich chocolate flavor and frosting which distinguishes devil’s cake from regular chocolate cakes.

Another difference between the two types of cakes is that boiling water is used in devil’s food cake as against the use of milk in regular chocolate cakes. At times, additional sodium bicarbonate is added to devil’s cake which results in an increase in the pH level, thus, helping to attain darker and deeper mahogany colored cake. The use of eggs in devil’s cake is lesser as compared to the simple chocolate cake. Further, chocolate cakes do not make use of flour at times, whereas, devil’s cake always contains flour as an essential ingredient.

Devil’s Food Cake Recipe- Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The ingredients required to prepare devil’s cake consist of sugar, butter, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, coffee, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract, sour cream, and boiling water. The ingredients required for preparing chocolate frosting include butter, coffee, chocolate, and syrup,

Cocoa powder is mixed with boiling water and set aside to cool. Butter, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, flour, sour cream, eggs, cocoa mixture, and vanilla extract are mixed together and then poured in cake tins, which are placed in preheated oven, and the cake is baked for around 45 minutes. The frosting ingredients are then combined together and beaten until smooth. The devil’s food cake is coated with this frosting and placed in the refrigerator before serving.

Devil’s Food Cake Recipe Variations

A couple of recipe variations of the devil’s cake are explained here:

  • Chocolate frosting can be replaced with white frosting which is prepared by combining together white sugar, cream, water, egg whites, vanilla extract, and little amount of salt.

  • Little bit of spice can be provided to the devil’s food cake with the addition of some ground cinnamon.