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Cream Cake

Cream cake is a popular sweet dish containing heavy cream as the topping. This cake is also popular as “Ice cream cake” as in few recipes, ice cream is used instead of heavy cream. Usually two layers of ice cream are made in between the sponge cake and upper layer of ice cream is used as icing.

There is an assortment of cream cakes that include different styles and flavors. Typically, cream cake recipe is used for birthday cakes and special wedding cakes. Nowadays, there is a fashion among celebrities to include this type of cake in their celebrations.

Cream cake recipe can also be prepared for tier cakes. These are mainly celebration cakes that are popular in almost all cuisines, although Italian cuisine is known to include cream cake in most of their menus. Color, shape and density of the cream topped cake depend upon the recipe used.

Strawberry cream cake, coconut cream cake and chocolate cream cake are some of the most popular recipes of these cakes.

History and Origin of Cream Cake

It is believed that idea to make cream cake or ice cream cake first turned up during the Renaissance period. At the time ‘trifles’ were quite popular which were usually made up of cream and cookies. In 1870’s also, many cream cake recipes were popular and often served with fruits.

Ingredients Prescribed for Cream Cake Recipe

It is evident from the name of the dish that cream and sponge cake are the main components of cream cake. Cream is usually heavy cream that is whipped and mixed with sugar and vanilla essence. The base cake is prepared with all purpose flour, butter, sugar, egg and vanilla essence. The heavy cream mixture is used as icing for the cake.

In many recipes for this cake, prepared ice cream is used for inside layers and icing. Generally, hard ice cream of different flavors is used inside the layers and soft serving is used as topping. Flavor can be of any type like strawberry flavored cream, chocolate cream or pineapple flavor. Lemon juice or wine can also be added while whipping the cream for cream cake recipe.

Typically, cream cake is used for celebrations and it is decorated with glazed cherries, gems, fresh fruits and even chocolate flakes. Coconut cream can also be incorporated to give flavor or as a low-cal substitute of heavy cream.

A variation of cream cake recipe is also prepared by including the cream within the cake batter before baking.

Method of Preparation of Cream Cake

Like other cakes, the base of cream cake is prepared with baking method. A batter is prepared by whipping all the dry ingredients with butter. Batter is then poured in a baking dish and kept for cooking in a preheated oven. Usually, the base cake made for cream cake recipe is plain and extremely soft. Once the cake is baked it is kept for cooling before icing and layering.

Cold cake is cut into 3 layers. Within each layer a thick serving of cream is spread evenly. Once the layers are set on each other, the icing is prepared with the cream mixture. This type of cake is covered with heavy cream from the sides as well. It is recommended that cream cake be kept in refrigerator in order to set the cream topping. Topping can also be enhanced with the use of decorative components.

One more thing that should be kept in mind while preparing the cream cake recipe that if two or more flavors are being used, then they should complement each other’s taste. Topping ingredients should also be selected according to the flavor of the cake.

Serving and Eating of Cream Cake

Being a sweet dish with heavy cream, cream cake is typically served as a dessert. It is usually eaten with dessert spoon and fork. Cream cake or cake prepared with ice cream, both are well-liked in USA among people of all age groups.

Themed cake is a popular dish at many birthday as well as wedding parties. Even simple get-togethers also include cream cake as a dessert. Strawberry and chocolate cream cakes are well-admired among kids.

Health Facts Related to Cream Cake

Due to the presence of heavy cream, cream cake is indeed a calorific dish. High sugar and excess quantities of butter makes this dish a high-calorie dish. Therefore it is not recommended for obese people and diabetic patients.

With an increasing concern towards health, low-calorie ingredients and skimmed milk cream is being used in modern variation of cream cake.