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Almond-Butter Wedding Cake

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  Almond butter frosting 3 Cup (48 tbs)
  Almond butter cake 2
  Apricot filling 1 Cup (16 tbs)

Cover 8 and 12-inch sturdy cardboard circles with aluminum foil.
Spread a small amount of Almond-Butter Frosting on the 12-inch circle, and place one 12-inch cake layer on top.
Spread about 1/3 cup Apricot Filling on top of cake layer, spreading to within 1/2 inch of edge.
Top with remaining 12-inch cake layer.
Spread sides and top of 12-inch cake with Almond-Butter Frosting.
Smooth top of cake with a wet metal spatula.
Insert 4 wooden sticks cut the depth of 12-inch tier in 12-inch layers about 3 inches from sides, spacing evenly to support weight of other layers.
Gently insert ruffled skirting around edge of cake, if desired, between foil and cake, lifting the cake slightly with metal spatula as you work.
Assemble 8-inch tier on its cardboard base, filling and frosting as described above, using about two-thirds of remaining Apricot Filling.
Position 8-inch tier in center of 12-inch tier .
Spread small amount of frosting on 6-inch plastic divider plate, fill and frost 6-inch layers as described in frosting procedure for 12-inch tier, using remaining Apricot Filling.
Set aside.
Prepare a large decorating bag with large coupler and large metal tip.
Spoon frosting into bag.
Fold corners of bag over, and crease until all air is pressed out.
Starting with bottom tier, pipe vertical lines of frosting using a zigzag motion all around sides of cake, refilling decorating bag with frosting as needed.
Pipe a top border around bottom tier using a zigzag motion.
Repeat piping procedure for remaining tiers, piping the top tier carefully because it is on a smaller base.
Assemble columns on second 6-inch plastic divider plate.
If plastic supports for cake divider are taller than the depth of 8-inch tier, cut off excess length.
Insert supports on bottom of divider plate.
Center divider plate in 8-inch tier .
Spread a small amount of frosting in center of serving platter.
Place two stacked tiers carefully in center of serving platter. (Frosting on serving platter will help hold finished cake steady as you carefully transfer cake to desired location.)
Transport cake at this stage to desired location.
Then attach 6-inch tier to columns of divider plate .
Make flower centerpiece for top of cake no more than 4 hours before serving time.
Cut a plastic foam plate into a 5-inch circle.
Center a 2-inch cube of soaked florist foam on plate, attach with florist picks inserted up through bottom of plate.
Insert flowers (conditioned the day before) into foam to form a domed arrangement.
Insert wooden picks partially through bottom of flower arrangement, leaving half of each pick exposed on bottom.
Position centerpiece on cake, using exposed picks to brace arrangement.
Arrange additional flowers (conditioned and refrigerated the day before) as desired on cake and serving plate.
When inserting the flowers directly into the cake, first wrap all stem ends of flowers with florist tape or aluminum foil.

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Almond-Butter Wedding Cake Recipe