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Minocheher And Tehmi Behram Kamdin'S Method For Varadhvara ( Delicious Fried Wheat Cakes )

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  Varadhvaras 3
  Sarias 3 Large (Rice Papad)
  Regular papads 3 Large
  Boiled eggs 3
  Salted egg omelets 2
  Guru papdi 8 Gram (Toffee)
  Sev 8 Gram
  Malido 8 Gram
  Rotis 3

The dead relatives of the bride and the groom, called "asho ruvans" are remembered and they are requested to bless the young couple with health and happiness.
Then half of the food is sent by each side to the other at home.
In olden days right uptil 50 years ago, a game called akkuddi-kukkaddi was played by young girls and boys on this day.
A thala was filed with bite size pieces of all the items used in the varadh-pattar baj. Then somebody placed the thala in the courtyard and banged a thali to call the youngsters who tried to grab the food and were pelted with barrages of water.

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