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Coconut Cake

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Melt 3 tablespoonfuls of butter, and mix in 6 tablespoonfuls of sugar, add 3 tablespoonfuls of some liqueur, 2 egg yolks and then the whites of 2 eggs really stiffly beaten to a firm froth.
Gradually stir in some sifted flour, until you have a very soft dough; pour into a greased straightsided mould.
Bake in the oven.
Leave to get cold, then cut across the biscuit-like substance in rounds, making several circles.
On each round spread the following mixture: first make a thick syrup with 6 tablespoonfuls of sugar and 2 tablespoonfuls of water, simmering together until they thicken; add enough desiccated coconut, whilst the syrup is still warm, to make a thick paste.
Put the rounds back together so that the cake, sandwiched together with coconut syrup, is whole again.
Pour the rest of the syrup over the top and sprinkle all over thickly with grated coconut.

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Coconut Cake Recipe