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Chocolate Frosted Angel Cake with Ice Cream Balls

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  Cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies 9
  Milk chocolate frosting 1 Pound (Ready To Spread, 1 Container)
  Chocolate covered vanilla ice cream nuggets 2 1⁄2 Ounce (1/3 Package Of 9 Ounce Size)
  Vanilla ice cream 1⁄2 Gallon
  Chewy strawberry roll/Grape / cherry fruit-leather snack 1
  Wheat bran cereal shreds/Wheat-and-barley cereal nuggets 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Semisweet-chocolate pieces 36 Small
  Angel food cake 20 Ounce (Ready To Serve, 1 Package, 1 Pound 4 Ounce)

1. In a small tray or cookie sheet line with waxed paper and place cereal over it.
2. Separate cookies through cream centers.

3. To make six boy's hats, on a tray place six cookie halves, cream side down.
4. Spread a small amount of frosting on top center of each cookie half and set an ice-cream nugget on frosting.
5. On same tray, place remaining 12 cookie halves, cream side up.
6. With small ice-cream scoop (2-inch diameter), scoop ice cream into 12 balls, placing each on a cookie half as it is scooped.
7. Freeze ice cream balls and hats and return leftover ice cream to freezer for another use.
8. Unwrap and unroll fruit-leather snack, remove plastic backing and cut into 15 1/4 inch-wide strips.
9. Set aside eight of the longest strips and cut one of the remaining short strips into 12 tiny triangles.
10. Tie each of the remaining six strips into a bow and set aside all fruit-leather pieces.
11. To make six "girl" Ice-Cream Balls:
12. Remove ice-cream balls, one at a time, from freezer and insert 2 mini chocolate pieces for the eyes, 1 chocolate piece for the nose and one fruit-leather triangle for the mouth.
13. Pat or stick cereal onto the top, side and back for hair.
14. Put a dab of frosting on top, press a bow onto frosting and refreeze decorated ice-cream balls.
15. To make six "boy" Ice-Cream Balls:
16. Remove ice-cream balls, one at a time, from freezer and insert 2 chocolate pieces for the eyes, 1 piece for the mouth and 1 fruit-leather triangle for the nose.
17. Pat or stick cereal onto the top, side and back for the hair.
18. Put a dab of frosting on top and press a hat onto frosting.
19. Refreeze decorated ice-cream balls.

20. On serving plate place cake, frost top and side with remaining frosting.
21. Make a zigzag pattern around side of cake with reserved fruit-leather strips,.
22. Place two girl and two boy ice-cream balls on top of cake where the ends of the strips form a point.

23. Serve remaining ice-cream balls along with the cake.

The ice-cream balls can be made a day ahead.

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Kids, Party
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10 Minutes

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Chocolate Frosted Angel Cake With Ice Cream Balls Recipe