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Tips To Bake A Layer Cake

Decorating cake with frosting can be a stressful job, so we show How To Bake A Layer Cake Easily. A well baked cake needs good decoration and to decorate cake one needs the right skills. So, to make the task easy we have a step by step demonstration. Watch this video on How To Bake A Layer Cake Easily and enjoy decorating cakes perfectly.
  Cake with icing 1
  Frosting 1 Cup (16 tbs)

1. Unscrew the coupler and the ring.
2. Cut the tip of the frosting bag slightly.
3. Insert the coupler inside the bag, cut it more if required.
4. Screw the ring onto the coupler.
5. Attach the tip onto the coupler.
6. Turn the frosting bag inside out to form a cup.
7. Stuff frosting inside. Do not over fill.
8. Turn up the bag and squeeze the top to close the bag.
8. Hold the bag between your palm and the thumb of your right hand.
9. Hold it tight and then twist to seal the bag completely.
10. Press the bag between your palm to squeeze out the frosting out of the bag.
11. Hold the tip with your left hand to have total control over the designs that you make.

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Tips To Bake A Layer Cake Recipe Video