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Biscuit Layer Cake

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  Butter/Margarine / vanaspati 180 Gram
  Drinking chocolate powder 60 Gram
  Cocoa 15 Gram
  Icing sugar 240 Gram
  Almonds/Cashewnuts halves 1 Tablespoon (For Decoration)
  Cherries 1 Tablespoon (For Decoration)
  Milk 1 1⁄2 Tablespoon
  Biscuits 350 Gram (Square / Rectangular, Adjust Quantity As Needed)

Line a square or rectangular tin with grease proof paper or polythene sheet.
Melt butter in top of a double boiler.
Sift together cocoa, icing sugar and chocolate powder.
Gradually, add this to butter, stirring constantly; add milk.
Whisk with a beater until the mixture is a smooth and thick paste.
Remove from heat.
Add essence.
Pour a thin layer of chocolate mixture into the prepared tin.
Arrange biscuits side by side to form a layer at the bottom.
Cut biscuits if necessary.
Pour some more chocolate mixture to cover the layer of biscuits completely.
Again arrange biscuits to form a layer.
Repeat this till all biscuits and chocolate paste are used up, beginning and ending with chocolate mixture.
Make alternate rows of nuts and glazed cherries on the last layer of chocolate mixture.
Place silver balls in between.
Leave in refrigerator to set (for 4 to 5 hours).
Slice the cake (1 1/2 inch long and 1 inch wide) with a sharp knife.
Lift the whole cake along with the polythene sheet and place on serving plate

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