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Zucchini Wedding Cake Decoration

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Make double recipe of your favorite boiled or powdered sugar icing.
Divide into three bowls—2/3 of icing in 1 bowl, the rest divided into 2 smaller bowls.
With vegetable coloring, tint large bowl of icing a pale green, tint other 2 bowls of icing medium green and dark green.
Spread tops and sides of all cake layers with pale green; decorate with other 2 shades of green by hand or with pastry tube.
Candy (using method from zucchini pie recipe) thin slices of small zucchini; twist each slice a little and stick into frosting around top edges of each layer.
Place zucchini slices flat against frosted sides of layers and frosting rosettes against centers of slices.
Put layers together, tier style, with small zucchini (cut the same length) used as supporting pillars.
Rest upper layers on rounds of white cardboard, cut to size of layers, and zucchini pillars will not poke up into layer above.
Rest bottom of each zucchini pillar on a toothpick laid horizontally to keep it from sinking into layer below; frosting covers toothpick.
To anchor, insert i toothpick vertically halfway up into bottom of each pillar and other half into layer beneath.

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Zucchini Wedding Cake Decoration Recipe