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Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a round-headed cabbage with wrinkled and crumpled leaves. A variety of Savoy cabbage recipes include soups and stuffed Savoy cabbage. The stuffed Savoy cabbage is also known as Verza Ripena. This dish is a treat for people who love savoy cabbage. This stuffed cabbage is a little time consuming, but the end result comes as a relief. The ingredients required to prepare Savoy cabbage stuffed recipe includes veal, celery, frozen peas, carrot, onion, butter, milk, tomato sauce, garlic, broth, herbs, olive oil and salt. A teaspoon of flour and one-day old bread slices need to be added to the ingredients. This stuffed Savoy cabbage dish can be served along with a drizzle of its own sauce or a glass of red wine.