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Buttercream is a term commonly used to refer to butter icing or the icings used in cakes and pastries. Buttercream is essentially used to decorate desserts, especially cupcakes and wedding cakes. A delicious dish, this icing can be used in any flavored cake. Added flavors like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla make a dish even more sumptuous and appetizing.

Ingredients and Preparation

The main ingredients used to make this dish include butter or margarine and sugar. Essentially, buttercream maybe of several types, namely – decorative buttercream, French Buttercream, fondant-type Buttercream, Meringue-type Buttercream and the plain simple Buttercream. This icing is characterized by its rich creamy texture and its amazingly sweet taste.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 2 tbsp (35g)

Approximate Values per serving (Calories - 140 cal, Fat – 5 g, Carbohydrates – 23 g, Protein – 0 g, Sugars – 20 g, Saturated fat – 1 g, Trans fat – 2 g, Sodium – 70 mg)

1. Very high in sugars

2. High in fats – Saturated fats and Trans fats

Who can have Buttercream?

1. Underweight people who wish to gain weight as it is high in sugars and saturated fats.

2. Children as their calorie and fat requirement are high as compared to adults but should accompany any protein dish because it does not have any protein and the bodies of growing children require protein very importantly.

Buttercream is not good for-

1. Weight watchers as it has very high amount of saturated fats, tarns fats, and calories.

2. Fatty or obese people

3. Diabetic People.