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Beef Patty

Beef patty is a Jamaican pastry with a beef filling. This patty which resembles a turnover with a more savory taste has a flaky surface that looks yellowish due to the presence of egg yolk or turmeric. The food is popular in other Caribbean areas too.

Preparation of Beef Patty

Beef patty is a baked dish. The pastry dough is made of all-purpose flour, curry powder, shortening, and margarine. The ingredients used for the filling are ground beef, allspice berries, egg, curry powder, breadcrumbs, black pepper, and other spices and herbs. The dough is rolled out into circles, refrigerated for sometime and cut into circles. The filling is cooked in a skillet with meat and seasonings and placed on the dough circles. The circles are folded with the filling inside and baked.

Serving Beef Patties

Beef patties are main course items especially when partnered with bread. They are also served as bite-sized pieces known as cocktail patties.