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Mint Brownie

Mint brownies are scrumptious delights that are a favorite with most. Mint brownies are part of the menu for most restaurants, bakeries and confectioners. However, mint brownies can also be made at home quite easily with the help of mint brownies recipes. Steps on how to make these delicious delights are clearly defined in the mint brownies recipes that are easy to follow and prepare. Butter needs to be melted and whisked together with cocoa in a large bowl until it turns smooth. A combination of whisked eggs, vanilla, sugar and salt needs to be added to the cocoa mixture and then its needs to be completely blended and poured on a pan. Then it can be baked in an oven for about 25 to 30 minutes before cooling or freezing it for another 20 minutes. Once the mint layer is prepared it needs to be frosted over the brownies and allowed to freeze for some more time. Finally the mint brownies can be garnished as per personal tastes and preferences.