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Brisket is a type of meat cut which is obtained from lower chest or breast of the veal or beef. As per the Random House Dictionary of the English Language the word Brisket is derived from Middle English term called “brisket”, which is in turn derived from the Norse term called “bjorsk” which means cartilage. This meat cut passes the sternum, ribs and unites the coastal cartilages.

History of Briskets

The history of brisket recipes varies from place to place. But it is believed that this cut of meat originated in medieval Europe, where people always strived to preserve their meats. They devised a method of preserving the meats by rubbing it with corn (large grains of salt). Thus the term “corned beef” was coined in 1621. This term somehow metamorphosed into a relative term called brisket. This process of preserving the meat was also adopted by colonial Americans. The earliest recipe for preparing this cut of meat was suggested by Mary Randolph (1824) in her book The Virginia House-Wife. This recipe still serves as the base for several brisket preparations.

Popular Brisket Recipes

  • TexasStyle Smoked Brisket: This basic smoked brisket recipe only requires that cook should have basic knowledge of smoking great brisket.

  • Smoked Brisket with Southwestern Wet Rub: The rub used to sear this meat is prepared as a thick taste and helps to adhere to the meat.

  • Barbecued Beef Sandwiches: This one of the most favored brisket recipes where the sliced meat is stuffed within the sandwich after sweetening with apple sauce.

  • Slow Cooker Texas Chuck Wagon Chili: The warming bowls of Southwestern style chili satisfied the hearty appetite of diners.

  • Slow Cooker Hearty Beef and Bean Chili: This is one of the slow cooker brisket recipes where the chili is left to simmer all day long. This long cooking procedure ensures that the flavors are blended together and deliver the satisfying and delicious bite.

  • Colorados(Red Bean Soup): This hearty diabetic soup is prepared by brisket and vegetables with white wine. Preferable Cooking Methods for Briskets There are various methods of cooking brisket. Most of the brisket recipes are either slow cooked or moist cooked.

  • Smoking: This is one of the popular methods of cooking the meat. The meat is either rubbed or marinated with various spice mixes and cooked indirectly over wood or charcoal. The meat is additionally basted during the cooking process. The smoked brisket is known as health food due to myriad of scientific reasons. One of the most portable reasons is that: the breast and lower chest is tough and filled with fats and collagen. When cooked this collagen is turned into gelatin, and easily mixes up with the meat, which contributes to the health factor of smoked brisket recipes.

  • Mostly hardwoods like oak, mesquite, hickory and pecan are used as the heat source. The flavor of the meat totally depends on the spice mix and type of heat source used. The finished byproduct is called barbecue. Smoked brisket is the most common form of Texan barbecue. The pieces of meat are further turned to smoker to prepare burnt ends. These burnt ends are enjoyed with breads.

  • Braising: The Jews braise their brisket as pot roast. This special meat dish is served on all special holiday occasions like Passover, Rosh Hashannah, and Shabbat. It is believed that Ashkenazi Jews these beef cuts due to economical reasons.

  • Boiling: This is one of the most common ways of cooking brisket. In most of Asian countries various soup preparations are churned using the meat cuts. The meat is cooked with spices and then added to the soups. Or the cooked meat is added to the curry. Koreans churn out various brisket recipes by boiling the meat with seasonal spice mixes. The most common Korean soups prepared by boiling the brisket are tteokguk and yukgaejang. The Vietnamese also prepare their own pho soup by cooking the meat with spices.

  • Grilling: This is also one of the popular methods of preparing brisket. Suea rong hai is one of the popular grilled brisket recipes from Isan province of Thailand.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Briskets

Brisket is good source of protein and Zinc. The meat is generally low in sodium. But it is not recommended for the people with high levels of cholesterol because the meat is high in saturated fat. A single brisket with the serving size of 452 grams packs in 1250 calories (of which 904 calories purely come from fat). Minor traces of minerals like selenium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus is also found in brisket.