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Breadsticks are slim loaf sticks made up of baked bread and usually served as a side dish with Italian meal. The softness and thickness of these sticks usually varies from area to area, ranging from simple pencil sized sticks to more thick and soft rolls. These are available in different flavors such as garlic, herbs, sesame seeds, onion, or just plain regular. The breadsticks are served as starters in different restaurants with dipping sauces and spaghetti.

Origin Of Breadstick Recipes

Breadsticks are originally from Turin, Italy, where the stick was first made up of baked bread during the 14th century BCE. Although, the recipe was introduced in Italy, other nations eating these crispy sticks of breads are Spain, America, regions of Asia and Australia. Traditionally, these are pencil shaped stick of bread, which have been hand rolled and oven baked for making the recipe crispy and flavorful. Also known as Grissini, these sticks have many forms that also include biscotti. Biscotti are basically an Italian double baked side dish usually offered along with espresso and other coffee variations.

Ingredients Used For Making Breadsticks

Breadsticks are made up of some simple ingredients such as molasses, bread, water, flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil. Apart from these, other ingredients like breadcrumbs and eggs are also required to make the sticks crispier. Flavored sticks are also very popular. Ingredients like sesame seeds, herbs, dried onion & garlic and seasoning are used to add special flavor in the dough. Moreover, luxurious Italian ingredients like Prosciutto and hors d'œuvre are also used to make special type of breadsticks.

Now-a-days, large restaurants also utilize bleached flour, whole wheat and mixed grain for making this dish extra healthy and light. The process of making these edible sticks is very simple and can be easily followed at home.

Serving Breadsticks

Mostly served as side dishes, Breadsticks are also served like an appetizer, snack or just like a crispy fry with soups. However, there is a particular way of serving the wide range of breadsticks that is mentioned below:

1. Soft Thick Breadsticks: These are usually dipped in garlic butter and presented as a side dish with various types of pastas.

2. Thin Crunchy breadsticks: These varieties are mostly dipped in oil or vinegar. The crunchy and thin sticks are best when served with pastas.

3. Cheese Breadsticks: These can be served with almost any Italian dish. However, it tastes best when dipped in melted plain butter or garlic butter.

4. Biscotti: These double bakedbiscottis are served with espresso or coffee. These are usually dipped in the beverage before eating.

Miscellaneous Facts about Breadsticks

1.Breadstick recipes are one of the staple in many restaurants that serve these as an appetizer or snack.

2. Preparing of the dough into different shape and sizes before placing in an oven makes this dish more appealing and attractive.

3. Castelló de la Plana region of Spain recently invented a new way of making breadsticks called as Rosquilletas.