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Potato Bread

Potato bread – as the name suggests is the type of bread which is prepared by combining wheat flour with one part of potato. Other than potato the combining ingredients and bread preparation methods may vary from country to country. Also, the ratio of potato to wheat flour combination may vary from one recipe to others. Some recipes harp on using maximum amount of potatoes however others may require less potatoes and more flour. Also, the usage of potatoes largely varies in all these recipes because some potato bread preparations may require adding mashed potatoes, however others may require flaked potatoes, etc. The bread remains fresh for longer time compared to most rice breads if good quality potatoes are used in bread preparation.

Potato bread is also known as potato cake, fadge, slims,potato farls, Tatie Bread or Tattie Scone.

History of Potato Breads

It is believed that the first recipe was squared up by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier – a famous French pharmacist and agriculturist who promoted potato as “poor man’s vegetable”. Soon it became a norm to add potatoes to flour. Antoine – Augustine Parmentier is also credited with introducing various vegetable ingredients in bread preparation. Parmentier used potato pulp or starch for preparing bread. Various recipe variants were propagated by culinary authors throughout the 18th century.

Ingredients Prescribed by Potato Bread Recipe

Following the requirements of basic recipe – ingredients like milk, mashed potatoes, sugar, butter, all-purpose flour, dry yeast, warm water and salt are used in the preparation of bread. The choice of ingredients may largely vary according to taste preferences or the region where they are prepared.

Method of Preparation: Potato Bread Recipe

On strictly following the requirements of potato bread recipe the bread preparation begins with dough preparation. Ingredients like milk, mashed potatoes, sugar, all-purpose flour and salt are mixed together. The dry yeast is dissolved in water and added to the dough. The Potato bread dough is left untouched for about an hour and then baked.

Popular Potato Bread Variations

  • Aloo ka Paratha: This is a popular potato bread variant from India which is prepared by mixing mashed potatoes with wheat flour. The mashed potato is either used as stuff or added with flour.

  • Okrągły chleb kartoflany: This is a popular bread from Ireland and Ukraine where mashed potatoes are combined with wheat flour during bread preparation.

  • Papa pan: This is a popular bread from Peru. Unlike many other popular variants this bread recipe calls for substituting large of wheat flour with potatoes. The Papa pan is largely distributed as lunch meal throughout Peru.

  • Pratie Oaten: This is traditional Irish bread which is prepared using oatmeal and potatoes.

  • Apple potato bread – It is a popular type of Irish bread where the bread is stuffed with apple filling.

  • Kartoffelbrot: This is popular potato bread from Germany which is prepared by using dough made up of rye flour, potatoes and spelt.