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Light Rye Mixer Bread

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  Active dry yeast/1 cake compressed yeast 1⁄4 Ounce (1 Package)
  Water 3⁄4 Cup (12 tbs)
  Water 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Honey 2 Tablespoon
  Shortening 2 Tablespoon
  Salt 2 Teaspoon
  Caraway seed 3 Teaspoon
  Rye flour 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), stirred
  All purpose white flour 2 1⁄4 Cup (36 tbs), sifted

Soften active dry yeast in 1/4 cup warm water or compressed yeast in lukewarm water.
Combine 1 cup water, honey, shortening, salt, caraway seed, rye flour, 1/2 cup white flour and the softened yeast.
Blend on low speed of electric mixer.
Beat 2 minutes at medium speed, scraping sides and bottom of bowl constantly.
Add remaining flour and stir till smooth.
Place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease surface.
Cover and let rise in a warm place till double, about 1 hour.
Punch batter down.
Spread evenly in a greased 9 1/2 x 5 x 3-inch loaf pan.
Cover and let rise in a warm place till double, (about 35 minutes).
Bake in a moderate oven (375°) for 45 to 50 minutes.
If top browns too rapidly, cover the top of loaf loosely with foil after 20 minutes of baking.

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Cook Time: 
45 Minutes

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