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Vegemite is a dark brown vegetarian sandwich spread that is popular in Australia. The sandwich spread has a slightly sour, sweet, bitter, and malty taste that makes it ideal for use on sandwiches. The taste is almost similar to beef bouillon in taste and it has a smooth sticky texture that is ideal for spreading on bread and toast.

History and Origin of Vegemite Recipes

Vegemite was originally made from the used yeast that was being dumped from breweries. The yeast rich extract was usually provided to horses which loved the taste. The horse yard workers also seemed to like the taste and this lead to developing the extract as a food source. This vitamin rich yeast based extract was a byproduct of the brewing process. Another version of the spread was already being made in the UK and it was called as Marmite. To reduce the dependence on the British Marmite, the founder of the Fred Walker Cheese Company in Melbourne, Australia, then decided to use the same process to utilize the yeast extract in his breweries as a food source. He assigned the task to his lead scientist Dr Cyril Callister who invented the spread. Apart from the yeast, he went on to add vegetable extracts, salt, and other ingredients to the spread to boost its nutrient value. The name was coined after a national contest to find the best name for the dish.

Culinary Uses of Vegemite Recipes

Vegemite is basically used as a sandwich spread with bread or toast. Variations on the basic use can use using the spread with sliced avocado, cheese and tomato.

Cuisines Using the Spread

Australians like their version over the use of Marmite. Local manufacturers also make Promite that can be very salty and a few people do like the taste.

Nutritive Value of Vegemit Spread

Vegemite is one of the most nutritious spreads as it has a very high content of vitamins. The spread has a high amount of vitamin B in the form of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid. The spread does have a very high salt content that can be dangerous for children.

Buying/Storing Tips

Kraft makes the product but it is possible to order it online. The product stores well and it has to be kept refrigerated after opening.

Related Ingredients

Marmite and Promite are two related ingredient that has the same taste as Vegemite and are produced by the same process. The processing process and starter ingredients are also the same. Australians prefer to their version as there is a slight taste difference in both. The Australian version is paler than marmite, with a lesser glossy finish. Vegemit is very salty, Marmite slightly less and Promite is sweet. Kraft, the parent company, has recently released a new version of the spread that combines the original spread with cheese. This version is called as Vegemite Cheesybite.


In 1939, the British Medical Association endorsed Vegemite as one of the best sources of B vitamins. More than 22 million jars are made every year, and the original recipe has not changed at all.