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The Pampered Chef

The Pampared Chef, Ltd. is a brand of cooking instruments, cookbooks and food products, aiming to promote home made food and family cooking, inspite of busy lifestyles for one and all. It operates out of Addison, Illinois and currently operates in five countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Germany.


The Pampered Chef brand was founded by homemaker and educationist Doris Christopher, in 1980. She is also the Chairman of the company today. Doris Christopher saw the need for good quality kitchen tools and converted this into a business opportunity. She believed in the concept of families staying together with meals cooked at home and popularized by hosting the cooking show at home, as a social event.

Christopher basically used the popular method of direct marketing known as Party Plan, whereby the seller holds a social event at home inviting friends and acquaintances and introduces the product. The invitees can then get a hands on experience of the products, its variations, the benefits etc. The guests leave as buyers of the products or themselves join the group to become sellers of the product. This is a form of multi-level marketing also known as pyramid selling, wherein the seller gets paid for making direct sales himself as well as for indirect sales made by him through the next seller recruited by him. It thus appears a lucrative opportunity to earn some extra money, and has been well accepted by people all across the world.

Christopher used this opportunity to the best of her ability coupled with her vast knowledge of cooking techniques and her love for teaching. She would hold the in-home cooking called the ‘Cooking Shows‘ . She would then use every possible product which were kitchen tools, cooking recipes and food products while conducting the show and thus advertising the usage and functionality of her line of products. Thus was The Pampered Chef born. Those recruited as sellers came to be known as “Pampered Chef Consultants”. The Pampered Chef products were well received by the American population and soon its popularity spread to Canada by 1996, to Europe by 1999 and was finally also launched in Mexico in 2009.

In 2002, The Pampered Chef, Ltd. was bought over by Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, owned by Warren Buffett. Christopher still continues to be the Founder Chairman. Others on board are Marla Gottschalk (CEO), Janine Davis (CMO), Jim Bresingham (CFO), and Rob Sarkis (CIO). The company headquarters remain at Addison, Illinois.


  • Spring/Summer Products : Comprises number of products suitable for barbecue ideally a summer pastime.

  • Mother’s Day Special : Includes Tote bags and Market Totes, and available only for a limited period for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

  • Bakeware : Comprises all utensils, pans, tools that can ever be required for baking such as muffin tray, brownie tray, silicone flower cake mould and so on.

  • Bamboo Collection : Comprises various kitchen ware all made of bamboo such as bamboo bowls, trays, salad claws, tongs, serving sets etc.

  • Charitable Giving : A single product called the Round Up from the Heart 2011, Trivet. It can be used on tables or countertops and for each trivet purchased $2 is donated to Feeding America.

  • Cookbooks : Includes range of recipe books, catering to only vegetarian, chocolate, salads or grilled recipes.

  • Cookware : Includes skillets, griddles and sauce pans in all sizes in both regular and non stick variety.

  • Cookware Tools : Includes every possible kitchen tool from mashers, ladles, double boilers, strainer, to trivets, scrapers and meat tenderizers.

  • Cutlery : Includes all kinds of knives – bone, bread, paring, steak, santoku, carving and utility knife.

  • Cutting Companions : Comprises cutting aids such as cutting boards, mats, safe cutters, rotary graters.

  • Entertaining : Includes all equipment required for entertaining guests such as tongs, cake pedestal, serving spoons and forks, ice bucket, napkins and placemats.

  • Gift Giving : Consists of a range of ready to use pastes, sauces, preserves, pizza set, barbecue set and cookbooks that can be used to gift.

  • Kitchenware : Includes containers, strainer, peeler, herb infuser, slicer, juicer etc.

  • Must Haves : Comprises manual food processor, baker and grill pan dinner sets and chips maker.

  • Outdoor : Includes all equipment useful for outdoor garden cooking, as for barbecues.

  • The Pampered Pantry : Includes variety of sauces, rubs, herbs and seasonings.

  • Simple Additions Collection : Includes simple everyday use tableware.

  • Specialty Cutting Tools : Comprises cutting tools such as parer, corer, slicer, peeler, grater, wedger, zester and scorer.

  • Stoneware : Includes all stone cookware such as loaf pans, muffin trays, scrapers, baker, pie plate and cookie sheet.

  • Gift Certificates : These are gift vouchers starting from $20 onwards.

  • Outlet Specials : These are retired products, soon going to be out of production.

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