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Taste Of Home

Taste of Home is a brand of food magazine, popular across America. This brand is owned by The Reader’s Digest Association and is currently based at Greendale, Wisconsin. It publishes recipes, holds cooking contests and classes through its Cooking School. It also publishes other magazines such as Simple & Delicious, Cooking for 2, Country Woman and so on.


Taste of Home magazine brand was founded by Roy Reiman, owner of Reiman Publications, in the year 1993. However in 2002, The Reader’s Digest Association purchased the Reiman Publications. Initially the magazine would operate on revenue generated through reader subscription only. However, in 2007 the magazine allowed advertising and thus also generated revenue through advertising. Currently the Taste of Home magazine alone, enjoys a circulation of atleast 3.5 million subscribers and many more readers. The other publications of the magazine such as Cooking for 2, Healthy Cooking etc. also enjoy a wide circulation across United States.

There are plenty of magazines offering recipes, cooking contests and useful culinary tips. However what sets Taste of Home apart is latent in its name itself. The recipes included are all of those which have been prepared at home by one or more of the subscribers and readers. They do not publish recipes from professionals or chefs, but only those recipes which have been home made and are made from easily available ingredients at home, with easy to follow instructions. These are those recipes that hold a special place in families and have been followed by many generations. These recipes are then tested by experts, and only after this the recipes are published in the magazine. This is done because Taste of Home guarantees a high success rate to all those following and trying out the recipes published in the magazine. The subscribers can access any or all of the recipes published, through internet at any given time.


Taste of Home products are:

  • Healthy Cooking – This is one of the four sister magazines of Taste of Home. It has specifically those recipes which are healthy or low in calories intake.

  • Simple & Delicious – The second one of the sister magazines of Taste of Home, which specializes in simple recipes which are easy to cook and made with minimum ingredients readily available at home.

  • Cooking for 2 – This is the third of the sister publications of Taste of Home, and contains only those recipes which can be cooked for two people.

  • Country Woman – This is the fourth of the sister magazine of Taste of Home, and caters to other hobbies of women. It has sections and articles on Craft, Gardening, Entertainment, Community Exchange possibilities and various contests.

  • Cookbooks – Other than the magazines Taste of Home also publishes cookbooks that may be hardbound, spiral bound or in the form of eCookbooks. Prices start from as less as $15. The various categories available are Appetizers, Baking & Desserts, Casserole, Chicken, Slow Cooker, Soup, Specialty, Taste of Home, Cooking for Two, Diabetic, Grilling, Healthy, Holiday, Pilsbury, Quick and Easy.

  • Newsletters – Taste of Home offers a wide variety of newsletters which are free of cost and can be daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, or seasonal. Some of the newsletters available for selection are : Cookie Countdown, Back to School Countdown, Comfort Food Diet, Holiday Pie Countdown, Cupcake, Country Woman, Holiday Celebrations, Recipe of the Day, Quick Dinners, Cookies Brownies and Bars, Slow Cooker Casseroles, Menu Saver, Light Dessert, Taste of Home and Taste of Home Special Edition.

  • Shop Taste of Home – This is the option where numerous Taste of Home merchandise are available ranging from books and magazines on cooking, gardening, household tips to kitchen gadgets, gardening aids and dvds!

  • Taste of Home Cooking Schools – This is a very popular cooking school programme in United States. These shows are conducted in convenient locations for easy accessibility and may range from 2 hours to 1 ½ hour programmes. The Culinary Experts show an easy and step by step way to create most tasty dishes. Each participant receives a goody bag and one of the cook books from Taste of Home. Often these shows are sponsored and some of their sponsors are Emeril’s, Gallo Family, Johnsonville, Fresh Mushrooms, Ortega, Stonefire, West Bend, Baymont Inn & Suites, Philadelphia Cooking Crème, and Shop Taste of Home.


  • Over 90,000 recipes are submitted annually, by everyday cooks from United States and Canada.
  • Every recipe that is published is first tested in the Taste of Home kitchen and must have ingredients which are available at any regular grocery shop.
  • Receives over 2.3 million visitors each month on their website.
  • Their Facebook page has more than 1,00,000 friends.
  • There are over 1,000 Field Editors working for Taste of Home, across all 50 states of United States and all states of Canada who submit recipes collected from the common people.

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