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Powerbar is the name of a dietary supplement company which creates specific products for people undergoing muscle training or is interested in leading an active life. There are various products marketed by the company which are required to be used at different stages of the training process. They can be used either in isolation or in conjunction with other products and have been endorsed by health conscious individuals.

The products marketed by Powerbar are available in the form of snacks, energy drinks and gels. The company was the first to release energy bars, a trend that has since been followed by numerous health product companies. It offers a total of 11 different products at present which contain different ingredients. 'Pria bar' is a special product that targets women who lead an active life physically. However, almost all of their products are high in carbohydrates and proteins. Fructose corn syrup is also added to most of the products as a sweetener which is considered to be the only unhealthy ingredient of the product line.

Origin of Powerbar Products

The company was founded by Brian Maxwell, a Canadian athlete in 1986. It started in Berkeley, California with Maxwell putting up $55,000 in cash. The energy bar was the first of its kind and helped sports persons, particularly those competing in marathons, cycling and different forms of martial arts to enhance their stamina and endurance.

The bars were a great success and helped the company to earn a profit of $150 million. It was eventually taken over by Nestle company in 2000. The headquarters of Powerbar shifted to Glendale, California, in 2007.

Products that Maximize Powerbar Benefits

The product line has been divided into three distinct categories according to the muscle training stage. The nutritional content varies with each category and is characterized as:-

  • Before- The Iron Girl Bar is an energy bar aimed at active women containing calcium, iron and Vitamin B complex which help in converting the food into energy while reducing fatigue and strengthening muscles.The Perform Sports Drink is meant for the men who work out on a regular basis. The beverage contains sodium and carbohydrates which help muscular endurance and replenishes the electrolytes lost by sweating.
  • During- The Powerbar gels, bars and beverages contain extra sodium and calcium content and provide more energy to muscle ratio. The products give the best results when consumed every 25 to 40 minutes during exercise and they need to be taken in conjunction with water.
  • After- The products in this category contain whey, soy and a number of essential amino acids which help in muscle repair and recovery after exercise or sporting activities.

Powerbar Benefits

  • Endurance- The combination of glucose and fructose in the products help in enhancing endurance by an increased 8% than that obtained from glucose alone.
  • Muscle Recovery- The Powerbar products contain 9% protein along with carbohydrates which aid in the synthesis of protein and reduce the breakdown, helping muscles to recover faster.
  • Nutrients- The bars, drinks and gels contain a mix of carbohydrate, fat and protein along with some dietary fiber. Almost 70% of the daily Vitamin C requirement can be obtained from these products with 25% of the daily calcium and iron requirements being fulfilled by the supplements too.
  • Weight Regulation- The products contain 230 calories and can be used to replace high calorie meals thus keeping the body weight in check. It is also possible to gain weight and increase calorie intake by adding them to the regular diet.
  • Performance- The Power bars can help in increasing and maintaining energy levels which can improve performance levels as well. The products, when consumed with water help in preventing muscle cramps and fatigue.
  • Satiating Hunger- Sportsmen are advised to nibble on protein bar or consume shakes as they cannot perform after a full meal. This keeps them from staying hungry which is reflected in their performance.

Powerbar Disadvantages

The products are considered to be nutritious and beneficial if consumed according to regulation and in moderation. However, there are a few disadvantages of consuming them regularly although they are not associated with any serious side effects. The common disadvantages include:-

  • Sugar Content- The high amount of sugar and other sweeteners that provide quick energy can be unhealthy for the teeth. The 'American Dental Association' recommends avoiding sugars as they cause formation of plaques and acid production due to the presence of bacteria.
  • Low Calorie- While most of the products are low in calorie they may not be able to sustain an hour of different athletic activities which require more energy.
  • Caffeine- Some of the Powerbar products contain caffeine which can cause headaches, insomnia and irritability in athletes who are sensitive to caffeine.


Lamar Odom, the basketball champion, features in a Powerbar commercial which sees him journeying to the moon